[tou] [ser] STCC 2014 by Herbal

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[tou] [ser] STCC 2014 by Herbal

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After a little break, it is time to release again a carpack, which has taken some space on my HDD for a bit longer time I have planned. Our next station in touringcar trips is Sweden, so it's fairly easy to guess, that Scandinavian Touring Car Championship has been recreated by me. Although it's a sort of cheating (as I remember these cars a bit weaker), but I have used the updated physics of DTM carpacks released about half a year ago.

There are five models in this pack: BMW M3, Dacia Logan, Kia Optima, Saab 9-3 and Volvo S60. Of course, as in most of cases, all liveries are included. Don't know what else should I say to the pack, just enjoy it and leave comments!
STCC 2014 by Herbal.zip
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Re: [tou] [ser] STCC 2014 by Herbal

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Yet another masterpiece carset. 5/5
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