[cpk] [for] [ser] F1 1958 by kave

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[cpk] [for] [ser] F1 1958 by kave

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Happy to introduce this carpack set in year 1958. It was the ninth season of FIA Formula One motor racing and the first season which Manufacturers being contested concurrently with the World Championship of Drivers. Juan Manuel Fangio retired during this season. Lotus was a newcomer. Maserati cars stayed at privaters after they leaved last year. Ferrari contra Vanwall during the season with Vanwall win at the Manufacurers. Ferrari's Mike Hawthorn won the driver's championship from Stirling Moss, despite the latter having won four of the ten grand prix to Hawthorn's one. And it was the season when first Grand Prix won by a midle engined car, the Cooper T43.

Ferrari 246
Maserati 250F
Vanwall VW5
Cooper T43
Lotus 12
Connaught B

Second session with the careditor for me. The 1975 pack was the first attempt.
Much-much more satisfied with this one.

Please comment, because if there any problem it helps me.
Have fun all you! :)

F1 1958 by kave.zip
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Re: [cpk] [for] [ser] F1 1958 by kave

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Very, very good cars, and i can't wait for the 1979 F1 cars. :)
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Re: [cpk] [for] [ser] F1 1958 by kave

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Excellent pack kave :mrgreen:
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