How to drive GeneRally with a Joystick

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How to drive GeneRally with a Joystick

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GeneRally was obviously designed to be driven with the keyboard. But, I have always wanted to try it with a joystick or steering wheel. Modern joysticks and wheels use potentiometers and do not work well with GR. What GR needs is 4 on/off switches like the old Atari 2600 joysticks. And ya know what? They work pretty darn good :bg:

To try it out you will need to get 2 small pieces of hardware , 1 cheep software program and an AB type usb cable.

1. An Atari 2600 joystick available from many sources for about $20.
2. A 2600 to USB adapter known as the 2600-daptor available for $25 here:
2600-daptor-225x300.jpg (15.27 KiB) Viewed 1217 times
3. A simple little program that will assign keyboard keys to the joystick buttons.
Available here for about $7 here:

Attach the joystick to the adapter and the adapter to the PC.
Start JoyToKey and assign the keys you use to drive GR to the appropriate joystick buttons.
Start GR and try out your new controller.
This WILL take some getting used to! ( remember the first time you drove GR? )
But give it some practice and see how you do.
One thing I find much easier to do is tap the brakes while turning.
You can really tighten up your line this way :)
Good Luck & Good Racing
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