Championship standings website?

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Championship standings website?

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I was wondering if anyone feels the same way that i do? I for one dont have time to participate in championships because of my real racing carer. The only time i can possibly run or race in a championship is in the winter. But just because i cant race in the championships doesnt mean that I dont want to know whats happening in them. Many creators of championships create their own websites for the series, Puttz is a good example with this along with his youtube channel as well. Some just post results on their championship page on the forum. But some don't post results at all. So i was wondering if with permission of the people hosting the series if i can get the results for their races and maybe a recap of the event or something. Then i will turn around and post the results and ect. on a blog page that will be open for anyone to see. Is this something anyone would be interested in?
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Re: Championship standings website?

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Well, everybody who makes a series posts results anyhow (here, on Polish/German forum or on own website or all ways together). Otherwise no one would take a part in next round. :)

GWR ( does that collection of events including details like track, best lap, average speed etc. for its monthly, anual and overall standings - except doing the recap. Written recaps can be interesting but IMO rather of selected (somehow mentionable) events per month like this idea (which probably needs a helping hand, if you're interested in), because there's quite a lot events (175 in 8 months this year) and honestly, the events don't differ that much by development in majority of cases. :scratch:
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