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IRL Event

Post by ehcapnamor »

Hello everyone !

I am a huuuuuge fan of this game since its early start and I'm still playing it in 2019 ! My guess is that I'm not the only one (really hoping so...)
i could speak hours and hours about GeneRally but instead of bothering you with this, I would love to hear what you all think of this (maybe crazy) idea I have in mind...

!!! IRL Events regrouping Generally fans from all over the world !!!

Maybe I'm 10-20 years late but, since I still play this game now, I think that it's worth trying :)

I don't want to overthink this if nobody is interested in this project but maybe some tiny things I had in mind...

Imagine a place filled with GeneRally fans from its early start or new ones.
Just some computers (we won't need too much thanks to it's wonderful 6player couch multiplayer) and cosy couchs to get started.
Friendly races and/or custom cups designed specifically for the occasion (Formula circuits, Desert tracks, Stunt and jump shows, ...)
A whole week-end dedicated to this game, regrouping IRL fans to get to know each other, competing and laughing around pit stops and crazy shortcuts some might find.

Of course there are many things that might be complicated....
Where? I personnaly live in Switzerland but I know that this game is Worldwide (I played with competitors from Brasil, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, ...). I would love to host something in my country but I know that it might be a huge problem for abroad people to come play with us...
Who ? I so don't know who might be interested in this project that I don't want to overthink this... 100 people ? more ? A million ? XD just joking !
When, How (money, organisation, ...), so many open questions that I would love to talk with the motivated ones of you if there are any ^^

Well, let's leave this topic right here irght now... Hoping it will catch the attention of some of you...
And who knows.... maybe something really great might happen !!!??

See you guys, take care !
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Re: IRL Event

Post by Txizzle »

Sounds fun, i've been playing it for ages as well.....sometimes i get rememberd by the game that I haven't beaten my old track-record since 2003 or 2004 (i often play random tracks, and have roughly 2500 tracks in my folder, so sometimes I miss a track for years xD).

I am not sure though how practically realistic it will be. :/
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