Folks without website

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Folks without website

Post by Trigger Happy »

This is one of missed features of good old official forum.

Topic ''Folks without website'' includes replies of active trackmakers with lists of their released efforts and links to the particular topics or replies. Final list of each of trackmaker provides not only evidence of his progress during his career, but mainly it offers to everybody an easy way, how to download more tracks of his favorite trackmaker.

Technical note for everybody, who wants to add link of his one reply into his another reply, PM or signature:
You can link not only particular topic of this forum, but particular reply too. Simply click on the small arrow before ''Re: Folks without website'' in top of your reply by right button and then choose from the menu ''copy address of the link'' (or something similar in your browser) and then paste the url into your e.g. signature. ;)

Keep the topic growing, guys. :bg:
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Trigger Happy »

GeneRally add-ons created by Trigger Happy


[cir] Karoline; 10th December 2007
ToM December 2007: 5th with 4 votes.

[roa] [ovl] [rwl] AVUS 1937; 24th February 2008
ToM February & March 2008: shared 2nd with 8th votes.

[cir] [rwl] Donington Park 1937-38; 13th August 2008
ToM August 2008: 2nd with 10 votes.

[stc] Moore Belt; 28th August 2009 :tom:
ToM August 2009: 1st with 14 votes.

[roa] [cir] Mirabelle; 14th June 2010 :tom:
ToM June 2010: 1st with 14 votes.

[rwl] [ovl] [stu] [oth] Pardubice Racecourse; 15th August 2010
ToM August 2010: shared 4th with 8 votes.

[cir] Tuiuti; 6th October 2010
ToM October 2010: shared 2nd with 12 votes.

[rwl] [cir] Bridgehampton Race Circuit; 6th March 2011 :tom:
ToM March 2011: 1st with 14 votes.

[cir] Fionn Gorm; 12th August 2011
ToM August 2011: 3rd with 10 votes.

[cir] Hakkarata; 20th October 2011
ToM October 2011: shared 6th with 7 votes.

[stc] Akiram 1418; 15th December 2011
ToM December 2011: shared 3d with 11 votes.

[ovl] Carrford Raceway; 12th January 2012
ToM January 2012: 3rd with 6 votes.

[ral] Old Gully; 2nd March 2012
ToM March 2012: shared 10th with 3 votes.

[cir] Via Blanca; 3rd May 2012 :tom:
ToM May 2012: shared 1st with 14 votes.

[cir] Secheringen; 21st June 2012 :tom:
ToM June 2012: shared 1st with 12 votes.

[rwl] [cir] "New" Masaryk Circuit - Brno; 6th January 2013
ToM January 2013: 2nd with 14 votes.

[cir] Road Manitoba; 9th June 2013
ToM June 2013: shared 3rd with 12 votes.

[cir] AustriaTwoRing; 13th July 2013

[rwl] [cir] Rudskogen Motorsenter; 5th October 2013
ToM October 2013: 2nd with 13 votes.

[cir] Lehcolo; 7th December 2013
ToM December 2013: shared 8th with 4 votes.

[cir] [ovl] Autodromo di Putignano; 19th May 2014 :tom:
ToM May 2014: 1st with 17 votes.

[roa] Verndale; 1st March 2015
ToM March & April 2015: shared 3rd with 9 votes.

[cir] Kokavah; 21st March 2016 :tom:
ToM January & February & March 2016: 1st with 13 votes.

[cir] Fuldaer Dreieck; 31st October 2020

[cir] Eleron; 27th March 2021

[stc] OvycoL; 25th February 2022

[cir] LagOro; 15th May 2022

[rwl] [ral] Přerov Gorge; 4th December 2022
15 years since first track released at :rsc:. :D

[cir] Nyhpil; 30th March 2023

[cir] Jellet; 8th May 2023

Tracks in collaboration:

[cir] [mic] RMX 2 - Ivoshek; 30th June 2008
Based on Darjo's layout for Project Mini REMIX round 2.

[roa] [cir] [rwl] Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa Ringrada 1933-39; 11th July 2009
In join effort with Dan Hakulín. ToM July 2009: shared 15th with 1 vote.

[cir] Klerksdorp; 2th December 2009
My abandoned W.I.P. inspired by Zandvoort and finished by BBA, who developed the original idea. ToM December 2009: 2nd with 11 votes.

[cir] Gilwan IP 2010; 28th May 2010
Update of original Gilwan for Original Track Update Project 2010. ToM May 2010: shared 11th with 3 votes.

[cir] Agari '10 IZ; 22nd August 2010
Update together with zgr of original Agari for Original Track Update Project 2010. ToM August 2010: shared 10th with 6 votes.

[cir] [rwl] Lakeside Park; 2nd October 2011
In join effort with XYY. ToM October 2011: shared 3rd with 9 votes.

[roa] Tantele 2012; 16th September 2012
Remake of original Tantele by J. Räbinä for Original Track Update Project 2010. ToM September 2012: shared 9 with 5 votes.

[tpk] [cir] [ovl] [roa] Canada, Sweden, USA; 18th January 2021
Updates of three original World Tour tracks.

Tracks containing some my very minor contribution:

[cir] Antiochia; 16th October 2008
Not available to download. Only finished AI line in this M. Möller abandoned WIP. ToM October 2008: nominated.

[cir] Ivotni Park; 24th December 2008
Made only layout, everything else Paw_PL did. ToM December 2008: shared 13th with 1 vote.

[stc] Ovyco; 16th October 2009
Final touches in an abandoned W.I.P. of Bouncebackability. ToM October 2009: shared 11th with 2 votes.

[cir] Osknockheim; 10th November 2010
Final touches in an abandoned W.I.P. of Pahkasika. ToM November 2010: 2nd with 10 votes.

[cir] Finland '10; 15th February 2011
Reworked an abandoned JWong's track for Original Track Update Project 2010. ToM February 2011: nominated.

And I had the luck to take a part in several Joint-Effort-style teams:

Joint Effort: JE#59 Dock Dash, JE#63 Riverville, JE#64 TibbarRing, JE#65 Lake District, JE#68 Glastonbury, JE#69 GB5 Road, JE#71 Herbal Hills, JE#72 Smontex, JE#74 Montslater, JE#76 George Ridge, JE#77 Steakspeed and JE#79 Eco City. All available at JE homepage.
Joint Effort Tree: Biasivie in JET#03, Ganister and Greywacke in JET#04.


[gtc] Bumblebeast; 4th September 2009

[gtc] Porsche 911; 9th April 2011
CoM March & April 2011: shared 5th with 1 vote.

[ser] [tou] Škoda Octavia Cup; 2nd May 2011
CoM May & June 2011: shared 2nd with 4 votes.

[tou] Braymore Volcano Trans-Am; 5th August 2011
CoM July & August 2011: shared 3rd with 1 vote.

[cpk] Cars for Update of Original GeneRally Cars (aka ''UOGRC'') Project 2011; 27th November 2011
CoM November & December 2011: shared 2nd with 4 votes.

[tou] Braymore Sanremo; 24th December 2011
CoM November & December 2011: shared 2nd with 4 votes.

[cpk] [tou] Cars for DTM 2012; 31st August 2012 :com:
CoM July & August 2012: shared 1st with 6 votes.

[for] FIA Formula 4; 3rd February 2015
ToM January & February 2015: shared 4th with 4 votes.


[lng] Czech language for GR v1.2 / Čeština pro GeneRally v1.2; 15th November 2012
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Re: Folks without website

Post by JR8 »

Tracks by JR8 (JR#8):
newest to oldest

[cir] Aridian
[cir] ProZiing (2 versions)
[cir][ral] Champoluc v.2 (2 versions)
[stc] Chelsea
[ral] Kroymen (2 versions)
[cir] Montebadison
[cir] Loto (2 versions)
[cir] GP3
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Tracks by Paw

Post by Paw »

My creations for GeneRally
New tracks
[cir] Brigwene 1st in ToM May '10 with 12 votes
[rwl] [cir] Jarama 6th in ToM Jan '10 with 8 votes

Old tracks
[cir] Edeelayn 6th in ToM Oct '09 with 6 votes
[cir] Echo Hills 10th in ToM Oct '08 with 3 votes
[cir] Tattery Road 13th in ToM Dec '08 with 1 vote
[cir] Trigueros 4th in ToM Sep '08 with 6 votes
[cir] Estros Park 3rd in ToM Aug '08 with 7 votes
[rwl] [cir] Lodz-Newponds 18th in ToM Oct '08 with 1 vote
[rwl] [cir] Ruapuna 16th in ToM Jul '07 with 1 vote
[rwl] [cir] Fiorano v2 18th in ToM Oct '08 with 1 vote
[rwl] [cir] Fiorano v1
[cir] Fespitz 8th in ToM Nov '08 with 3 votes
[cir] Giqen Ring
[cir] Ivotni Park 13th in ToM Dec '08 with 1 vote
[cir] [ovl] Maradeli 4th in ToM Jul '08 with 6 votes
[cir] Palverio
[cir] Pienisaari 8th in ToM Aug '08 with 3 votes
[stc] Seldenville
[cir] Tennant Park
[cir] Xavelot 13th in ToM Dec '08 with 1 vote
[cir] Tepati 5th in ToM Nov '08 with 4 votes
[cir] Lundsnord 6th in ToM Sep '08 with 5 votes
Torney Creek 9th in ToM Sep '08 with 4 votes
[cir] Possegro
[ral] Frozen Lake
[ral] Snowy Forest
[stc] Noble Park
[cir] AILine2
[cir] AILine3
[roa] Atlin Road
[cir] [ral] [tpk] Dierry County
[stc] [ovl] [tpk] Stadium
[cir] Empre
[oth] Baja

New cars
[cpk] [tou] [ser] TTA 2012
[cpk] [gtc] GT Pack
[cpk] [ral] WRC Cars: Cordoba, Impreza, SX4
[cpk] [tou] Honda Concepts & Alfa Romeo Pack
[cpk] [tou] Hothatches 1 & 2

Old cars
[cpk] [tou] Touring Cars Pack over 50 cars
[cpk] [ser] Race of Champions 2007
[tou] Seat Leon Supercopa
More to be added
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Re: Folks without website

Post by AleksiNir »

My old tracks
Old tracks with Darjo

from newest to oldest
My tracks 2010 -->
With Darjo
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Re: Folks without website

Post by resir014 »

+resir014 | GeneRally :gr:

Tracks I made.

[cir] [roa] Vovxyjme - My first track, based on BBA's unfinished WIP.
[rwl] [cir] Top Gear Test Track - You know the drill. ;)
[cir] [tpk] Boundary Bay - Based on a track design on the 10-Tenths Motorsports Forum.
[cir] Sabadell - Based on die996's track request.
[cir] JEA #11 - Vuvuzela Park - My first JEA attempt.
[cir] [tpk] Castle Rock - Based on the unfinished WIP by Pahkasihka.
[roa] JE #70 - Airfield 70 - Another Joint Effort attempt. :tom: 6th place ToM July 2011.
[cir] JE #71 - Herbal Hills :tom: 12th place ToM October 2011.

+resir014 | © 2010-2012.
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Rendy's GeneRally Catalogue

Post by Rendy »

:cflag: :gr: Rendy's GeneRally Catalogue :gr: :cflag:
GR Creations Garage
Creations are sorted by time.

[cir] Al Dasein
[oth] Cross Race
[kar] Ultivac
[ral] Frappe Snowland :tom: May 2013 - 13th / 13 with 2 votes
[cir] Naitodori - Mini Track Project #9 :tom: UNKNOWN
[cir] Karbanks - Mini Track Project #8 :tom: UNKNOWN
[stc] [oth] Cilandak Town Square :tom: July 2013 - no votes
[roa] Grupard :tom: March 2014 - 16th / 19 with 2 votes
[cir] [stc] Tapio City :tom: April 2014 - 7th / 15 with 7 votes
Joint Effort
[ral] [JEA #22] ACO Park :tom: September 2013 - 9th / 13 with 4 votes
[roa] [JEA #23] Tropico Island :tom: December 2013 - 15th / 20 with 2 votes
[ral] [JEA #24] Deepwood Trail :tom: March 2014 - 13th / 19 with 4 votes
[tou] TGS Sasuke ST
[tou] Genki Racing Project S2000
[ral] [UOGRC] Rendy's Rallycar
[oth] [UOGRC] Rendy's Triangle
[tou] Prospect.R - Prototype Sportscar Project R :com: May/June 2013 - 9th / 14 with 2 votes
[tou] Kia Cee'd (2010 ver)
[tou] [R]GARAGE Sports SST Type-R :com: May/June 2013 - 13th / 14 with no votes
[Palette] Autumn Palette
[Soundpack] Yoshi Soundpack

If you would like to use any of my creations for competition purposes, please contact me via PM. Thank you. :)

Be sure to visit my blog for WIPs updates on GR cars and tracks as well as random talks of non-GR topics
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Re: Folks without website

Post by BRIX »


[roa] [mic] Remo Passaro
[stc] Backstreet
[oth] [stu] erroroom - ToM October '14: 14th
[rwl] [oth] [ovl] Biķernieku Sport Complex - ToM July '14: 20th
[cir] Penta
[kar] Shura - ToM nominated July '11
[cir] [ovl] [tpk] Ziro
[stc] [ovl] Point Stu - ToM August '10: 14th
[stc] [stu] Highway 32 - ToM August '10: 19th
[oth] Pizza!
[ral] Atu
[cir] Desenagle - ToM nominated August '10
[stc] [ovl] [oth] Bieganski Square
[stc] [stu] Eneco Park - ToM nominated July '10
[cir] Imalca - ToM July '10: 25th
[roa] Su Wood 08
[cir] Resinc - ToM nominated July '10

Community Projects

[cir] Wiesenfeld - JE #80 (top-left)
[cir] [rwl] [tpk] Nordschleife - GRPL JE #4 (middle-middle) - ToM August '14: 6th
[stc] Eco City - JE #79 (top-right) - ToM May '14: 2nd
[ral] Deepwood Trail - JEA #24 (top-right) - ToM March '14: 13th
[cir] [roa] Interstate Circuit - GRPL JE #3 (top-right) - ToM February '14: 2nd
[roa] Tropico Island - JEA #23 (bottom-middle) - ToM December '13: 15th
[ral] [wat] Hovus Rally - JE #78 (middle-middle) - ToM November '13: 6th
[stc] Montslater - JE #74 (top-right) - ToM November '12: 3rd
[cir] [tpk] Heledore - GRPL JE #2 (top-middle) - ToM October '12: 4th
[cir] Potential - JE #73 (middle-left) - ToM April '12: 4th
[ral] Smontex - JE #72 (top-middle) - ToM January '12: 8th
[ral] Makman - JET #3 (bottom-right, FT's) - ToM December '11: 18th
[cir] Tudamslo - JEA #17 (west)
[cir] Herbal Hills - JE #71 (top-right) - ToM October '11: 12th
[roa] [stu] Italy 10 - Original Track Update '10 - ToM July '11: 14th
[roa] Airfield 70 - JE #70 (bottom-left) - ToM July '11: 6th
[cir] Agbar MotorSport Park - JEA #12 (bottom-left) - ToM nominated August '10
[stc] Urbandorf - JE #66 (middle-right) - ToM September '10: 5th
[cir] Japan 10 - Original Track Update '10
[roa] [ral] Snoogy 10 - Original Track Update '10


[cpk] Random cars
[cpk] [oth] Pallet Jack
[cpk] [tou] night cars with neons
[cpk] [lmp] [oth] Danger Mouse's Flying Car - CoM January/February '12: 5th
[cpk] Cars - (UOGRC '11) - CoM November/December '11: 7th
[cpk] [lmp] Rossin-Bertin Vorax - CoM November/December '11: 11th
[tou] [ral] Hummer H3
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Re: Folks without website

Post by JWong »

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Re: Folks without website

Post by preetzertrain »

:cflag: preetzertrain's tracks :cflag:

Releases on Gene Rally International Forum
in alphabetical order:

Factory Park [roa] 7th ToM December '10 (5 votes)

Gazebo City [stc]

Highway [roa]

Lost Pist [cir] 25th ToM July '10 (1 vote)

Marlboro Motor Raceway [rwl] [cir] [ovl] in collaboration with XYY :shaking: nominated for ToM June '10

Neocono v2 [cir] 20th ToM August '11 (2 votes)

Queensland Raceway [rwl] [cir] 11th ToM March '10 (4 votes)

Rivears [cir] [ovl] [mic] in collaboration with XYY :shaking: 2nd ToM December '11 (12 votes)

Salzburgring [rwl] [cir] 16th ToM September '10 (1 vote)

Original Track Update Project 2010



Joint Effort Projects :shaking:

JE65 Lake District [roa]

JE66 Urbandorf [stc] 5th for ToM September '10 (8 votes)

JE67 Swampshot [ral] [stg] 13th ToM October '10 (3 votes)

JE68 Glastonbury [cir] 8th ToM February '11 (7 votes)

JE69 GB5 Road [roa] [ral] [stg] 16th ToM April '11 (1 vote)

JE70 Airfield 70 [roa] 6th ToM July '11 (7 votes)

Joint Effort Tree Projects :shaking:

JET01 Maple [cir]

JET02 Robin [stc]
JET02 Pigeon [stc] 13th ToM August '11 (4 votes)

Have also a look at my tracks at

:gr: Enjoy them!!!
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Daro05 »

:!: Daro05's Tracks :!:
:star: - nominated in ToM
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Re: Folks without website

Post by zgr »

:cflag: ZEGAREK TRACKS :cflag:
7up Arena

Unidet Center

Stone Arena

Tornado Stadium :tom:

Fictonal Circuits
Ottawa Racepark :tom:


Fortaleza :tom:

Yantai :tom:

Shenyang :tom:

Great Circuit of Alberta (GCOA)

Toad's Turnpike :tom:



Wempelring :tom:

CHTT :tom:

Pattburgring :tom:

Drasisten Motorway

Salkad Autodrome

Haboo Int. Raceway
Jaypee Group Circuit

Korea Internacional Circuit v2 /better)

Budapest, Melbourne, Sakhir (only TE)

Phoenix Street Circuit :tom:

Hockenheim 2001, Fuji, Jacarepagua

Korea Internacional Circuit

Agari IZ for OTUP 2010 with Trigger Happy
Agari IZ '10 :tom:

Cartol Internacional Circuit with SwissRacing
Cartol Internacional Circuit :tom:

Riad Internacional Circuit with JoBi
Riad Internacional Circuit
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Hiken17 »

My GR Creations

-[ral] hega TOM Nominated
-[cir] hebc
-[ovl] [cir] Seville Super Speedway


-[ral] buggies
-[ser] [for] F1 2008-2009
-[ser] [for] F1 2010


-[cir] JEA 12
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my gr creations
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Re: Folks without website

Post by chapnis »

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Re: Folks without website

Post by Emil Patanen »

GR Works of Emil Patanen
Formerly known as Emil the ZZW and HJ


#60 [ovl] Riabate May 22nd '16
ToM: shared 7th/14; 2/11 votes

#59 [cir] Yeavy April 30th '16
ToM: shared 7th/14; 2/11 votes

#58 [mic] [ovl] Xandom April 22nd '16

#57 [cir] Vaaner Raceway April 11th '16 :bronze:
ToM: 3rd/14; 6/11 votes

#56 [cir] Throughston October 31st '15
ToM: 4th/16; 7/15 votes

#55 [stc] Norrisring June 30th '15 :bronze:
ToM: shared 3rd/18; 7/19 votes

#54 [cir] Bronzerock June 20th '15 :winner:
ToM: shared 1st/18; 12/19 votes

#53 [rwl] [cir] Irungattukottai January 4th '15
ToM: shared 6th/16; 5/15 votes

#52 [oth] PJ Boogie-Woogie December 24th '14 :santa:
ToM: shared 11th/12; 3/22 votes

#51 [mic] [ovl] Mirage November 8th '14
ToM: shared 4th/11; 8/17 votes

#50 [evo] [stc] Generife October 25th '14 :winner: :party:
ToM: shared 1st/16; 14/20 votes

#49 [ral] Giant Stone Rally July 11th '14
ToM: shared 6th/23; 5/21 votes

#48 [cir] [oth] Brahen July 10th '14
ToM: shared 16th/23; 2/21 votes

#47 [oth] Nijunak Mushing Show Race March 7th '14
ToM: 5th/20; 8/25 votes

#46 [ovl] Cucamonga March 2nd '14 :silver:
ToM: shared 2nd/20; 11/25 votes

#45 [ral] 31-01-2014 February 24th '14
ToM: shared 17th/23; 1/22 votes

#44 [cir] [stu] Snowy Valley December 31st '13
ToM: nominated

#43 [cir] Marianne October 27th '13 :bronze:
ToM: 3rd/15; 11/19 votes

#42 [cir] England October 16th '13
ToM: 4th/15; 9/19 votes

#41 [cir] Bone County September 14th '13
- Part of Mini Track Remix 9, layout created by Dragon
ToM: shared 5th/13; 10/25 votes

#40 [cir] Tropic Isle August 31st '13
ToM: shared 16th/20; 2/20 votes

#39 [stc] Allen Park August 26th '13
ToM: shared 4th/20; 7/20 votes

#38 [tpk] [oth] Emil's GRAquarelle's Pack July 26th '13
ToM: Aquarelle 1 shared 19th/30; 1/22 votes
_____Aquarelle 2 shared 19th/30; 1/22 votes

#37 [cir] Maorgarnn July 20th '13
ToM: shared 12th/30; 2/22 votes

#36 [oth] Diddywah May 4th '13
ToM: shared 6th/13; 5/20 votes

#35 [tpk] [oth] R/C Racing Pack February 10th '13
ToM: RC-Grass-2 shared 9th/15; 5/23 votes

#34 [cir] Aristillus October 20th '12
ToM: shared 4th/13; 8/24 votes

#33 [evo] [cir] Atma September 14th '12
- Finished an abandoned WIP by Pahkasika
ToM: shared 17th/24; 1/21 votes

#32 [stc] Ukudurri City August 22nd '12
ToM: shared 6th/23; 7/19 votes

#31 [mic] [stu] [ral] Groon August 16th '12
ToM: 23rd/23; 1/19 votes

#30 [mic] [ral] Wlalace July 19th '12

#29 [ral] Gormit July 16th '12
ToM: shared 12th/24; 2/19 votes

#28 [cir] Bakiwa July 4th '12
- Finished an abandoned WIP by Sergey
ToM: shared 12th/24; 3/19 votes

#27 [tpk] [ral] Mini Offroadies Pack April 14th '12
ToM: ATSIH! shared 10th/14; 2/23 votes
_____tiehdnuseG shared 10th/14; 2/23 votes

#26 [cir] Perenne March 29th '12
ToM: shared 7th/17; 5/26 votes

#25 [oth] [stc] Qirtami January 18th '12
ToM: shared 11th/15; 3/16 votes

#24 [cir] Tarkus December 29th '11 :winner: :party:
ToM: 1st/23; 13/29 votes

#23 [cir] Out on Park October 6th '11 :silver:
ToM: 2nd/19; 11/24 votes

#22 [mic] [stc] [ovl] Azmo October 4th '11
ToM: shared 14th/19; 1/24 votes

#21 [oth] [stu] Merridew September 31st '11
ToM: shared 16th/26; 2/27 votes

#20 [ovl] Jybonn September 20th '11
ToM: shared 8th/26; 6/27 votes

#19 [roa] Hawady September 6th '11
ToM: shared 10th/26; 4/27 votes

#18 [oth] [stu] Nigemy August 31st '11 :party:
ToM: shared 7th/30; 7/32votes

#17 [mic] [roa] Fang August 12th '11

#16 [kar] Ocupi August 9th '11 :silver:
ToM: 2nd/30; 11/32 votes

#15 [ral] Bokuv August 7th '11

#14 [ral] [stu] Goby August 6th '11

#13 [ral] Tofa August 6th '11
ToM: shared 24th/30; 1/32 votes

#12 [cir] [ral] Loislurso April 27th '11
ToM: shared 4th/20; 9/28 votes

#11 [cir] Wysnaw March 18th '11
ToM: shared 4th/22; 8/27 votes

#10 [cir] Khole March 4th '11 :silver:
ToM: 2nd/22; 11/27 votes

#9 [stc] Cyrano Town February 23rd '11 :bronze:
ToM: 3rd/19; 15/29 votes

#8 [ral] Ciuthe February 16th '11
ToM: nominated

#7 [cir] Imesque January 31st '11 :silver: :party:
- Finished an abandoned WIP by Pahkasika
ToM: 2nd/16; 13/24 votes

#6 [ral] Loch Rosamunda December 17th '10 :party:
ToM: 4th/23; 10/23 votes

#5 [cir] Tojo December 14th '10
ToM: 6th/23; 7/23 votes

#4 [cir] Saozbe Raceway October 21st '10
ToM: shared 17th/23; 2/29 votes

#3 [cir] Epsring September 17th '10
ToM: 9th/19; 6/27 votes

#2 [cir] L'Kiaw September 6th '10
ToM: shared 14th/19; 2/27 votes

#1 [cir] Dortuyi August 31st '10
ToM: shared 19th/29; 1/30 votes

Participations in Joint Effort Projects
[cir] JE 80 - Wiesenfield January 4th '15
- Middle middle

[roa] JET 4 July 28th '14
- Top right & finishing touches in Jasperoid

[stc] JE 79 - Eco City May 3rd '14
- Middle middle

[ral] [wat] JE 78 - Hovus Rally November 27th '13
- Finishing touches

[ovl] [cir] JE 77 - Steakspeed September 3rd '13
- Finishing touches

[roa] JE 76 - George Ridge April 16th '13
- Finishing touches

[ral] JE 75 - Beef Park February 5th '13
- Top middle

[stc] JE 74 - Montslater November 11th '12
- Middle middle

[cir] JE 73 - Potential April 28th '12
- Bottom left & finishing touches

[ral] JET 3 December 31st '11
- Bottom left & finishing touches in Vatari

[ral] JE 69 - GB5 Road April 20th '11
- Top right


[cpk] Update of Original GeneRally Cars by Emil
CoM: Onewheeler shared 2nd/6; 8/14 votes 13th July '14 :silver:

[oth] Dog Sled March 7th '14 :silver:
CoM: shared 2nd/13; 8/13 votes

[oth] Witch March 3rd '14
CoM: 10th/13; 2/13 votes

[oth] Pencil September 6th '13
CoM: shared 12th/16; 1/9 votes
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Kaiserkoenig »

:cflag: Kaiserkoenig's Tracks :cflag:

Reallife Track's

[rwl][cir]Wolokolamsk GP (Moskow Raceway)
[rwl][cir]Mantorp short+south
[rwl][oth]Race of Champions 2010
[rwl][cir]Nürburgring Müllenbachschleife nominated for ToM March '11
[rwl][cir]Nürburgring Short nominated for ToM May '11

Fictional Track's

[ral]Mini-Rally nominated for ToM Dezember '10

Enjoy :bg:
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Re: Folks without website

Post by nielske »

nielske's tracks

Tracks released on :rsc: (prior to 2010) can be found in this thread

Below is a list of tracks released in 2011-2012, oldest first.
  • [cir] Bennington - thread. 10th in Februari '11 ToM
  • [oth] Fenix - thread. 5th in Februari '11 ToM
  • [cir] Saiche - thread. 19th in March '11 ToM
  • [roa] Suzu - thread. 3rd in April '11 ToM
  • [stu] Boatswain - thread. 2nd in June '11 ToM
  • [cir] Fál ard - thread. 17th in September '12 ToM
  • [stu] Cascade - thread. 17th in September '12 ToM
Happy racing :gr:
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Sartalas »

:whitelg: Sartalas Tracks :redfg:

I don't give more links. You can download my tracks and cars from here: CLICK!

[rwl] [cir] Barbers Point May 19, 2012
[rwl] [cir] Dijon - Prenois Nov 03, 2012
[rwl] [oth] Gorican, Millenium Stadium Aug 08, 2012
[rwl] [cir] Mugello Circuit Sep 07, 2012
[rwl] [oth] Toruń, MotoArena Apr 26, 2012
[rwl] [cir] Vallelunga Apr 05, 2012
[cir] Zimes Jan 22, 2012
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Hint »

Hint's Tracks
Recently Posted Tracks
[ral] Mt. Kyijsuej -- This track is old, but I posted it on the forums the day of this post.
Old Tracks
[tpk] [ral] [roa] A Mixed Rally Pack
[cir] Drifter's Paradise
[cir] [tpk]Hint Circuit + The Pass
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Otto Wilson »

Tracks & Cars by Otto Wilson

[ral] [stg] [tpk] Barum Rally Zlín - JERP #1
==> SS2 Slušovice (JE with FRUKIScze)
==> SS3 Pindula
==> SS5 Tesák
==> SS7 Kudlovice

[ral] Beefpark - Joint Effort #75 - ToM 1st, Febuary 2013
[cir] Seabrings - ToM 1st, May 2013
[stg] [roa] Sospel - Rallye Monte-Carlo Preview - ToM 1st, January 2013
[rwl] [cir] Dijon-Prenois 1979 - ToM 1st, October 2012
[cir] London - ToM 4th, September 2012
[roa] [cir] Ackerlandschleife - ToM 4th, September 2012
[rwl] [cir] [ovl] Interlagos 1979 - ToM 6th, July 2012
[roa] [cir] Après l'eau - ToM 4th, December 2011
[stc] [cir] Fortuna Road - ToM 7th, December 2011
[roa] [cir] Alpin Bavara - ToM 5th, October 2011
[rwl] [cir] Watkins Glen 1967 - ToM 7th, September 2011
[cir] Canyon Phodom
[cir] High Speed Ring - ToM 2nd, August 2010
[tpk] [stg] [ral] Rally Finland
[rwl] [cir] Algarve
[cir] Agari 2010 (OTUP)
[stc] Mondega 2011 (OTUP) - ToM 6th, March 2011
[cir] Nyrporl 2010 (OTUP) - ToM 7th, June 2010
[cir] Nyrporl 1958 & 1969 (OTUP)
[cir] Sweden 2010 (OTUP)
[ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67 - ToM 13th, October 2010
[stc] Urbandorf - Joint Effort #66 - ToM 5th, September 2010
[rwl] [cir] Sears Point (Infineon Raceway) - ToM 11th, September 2009
[rwl] [cir] Ahveniston Moottorirata (JE with Primeracer) - ToM 3rd, October 2009

[ser] [for] Grand Prix Legends (1967)
[gtc] Audi R8 Pack (4 Models) + Le Mans Quattro
[ral] [cpk] FIA WRC 2010
[cpk] [tou] [ral] Subaru Impreza Pack
[ser] [gtc] FIA GT1 World Championship 2010 Season
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Re: Folks without website

Post by puttz »

Tracks by puttz

[cir] West Penn
[ovl] [rwl] Anderson Speedway
[ral] Xtreem (Unfinished)
[cir] Montarpin (Layout by Quirpiz)
[cir] Grisco
[cir] Ruudskogen
[stc] Tudai

[stc] Baltymore
[cir] Desert Sands Raceway (With JEA Team)
[roa] Kantoorosud
[roa] Helsholm (With JEA Team)
[cir] [ovl] Rebel Raceway Park (For Mini Track Remix Project, Layout by Dragon)
[ral] ACO Park (With JEA Team)
[cir] Tillman Flats
[ovl] Bowler Stadium
[oth] [mic] Chrome

[cir] [ovl] MotorPark
[roa] Murble Road

Cars by puttz
[cpk] [tou] [ovl] ICARS series
[lmp] Banshee KPX (based on Lambda PN2 by Gzehoo)
[ovl] [ser] [cpk] NASCAR Sprint Cup 2013 (Gen 6 cars)
[for] Swift JF013
[tou] Striker Touring Car
[tou] Australian V8 Supercar Series 2013
[ser] [ovl] NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 2013 Winner :com: Nov/Dec 2013
[ovl] [ral] Street Stocks
[gtc] NAGRCA GT Series
[tou] ARC Fission (for AIOC)

[tou] ARC Striker II (GRTCC spec)
[ovl] NASCAR Sprint Cup 2014 Winner :com: Jan/Feb 2014 (Expansion pack also in same post)
[for] Weston H114
[tou] ARC Striker Gen3 (GRTCC second generation spec)
[gtc] TUDOR United Sportscar Championship GT Lemans Winner :com: Sep/Oct 2014
[tou] ACB Dash GTC2

[cpk] [ovl] NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 2014
[cpk] [ovl] NASCAR Nationwide Series 2014
[cpk] [ovl]NASCAR Sprint Cup 2015
[gtc] Weston Tsunami GGT
[tou] [cpk] 2015 V8 Supercars

[tou] Zoomerang H5
[tou] ARC Striker S5T
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Mad Dan »

Mad Dan // Dan Hakulín // haq // haq9


Below is a list of tracks released on :rsc: forum in 2008-2009 and recetly uploaded on the GeneRally Track Database, oldest first.

[ral] Ihsaax my first published track
[ral] Rakeyede never actually published to forums before
[ral] Ygih 18th in ToM October 2008 - 1 vote
[ral] Peat-bog 8th in ToM November 2008 - 3 votes
[ral] Siberia 15th in ToM November 2008 - 2 votes
[ral] Dusty remade for Best of haq pack
[ral] [tpk] Split Pack collaboration with onder, 13th in ToM December 2008 - 1 vote (dosjyk)
[ral] Karlov
[ral] Vaydo
[ral] [tpk] Frosty Pack 14th in ToM June 2009 - 1 vote (Flashinet)
[ral] Gbnk
[ral] [tpk] Southern Pack
[ral] Ralsko
[ral] [tpk] Northern Pack (Frosty Pack vol.2) 15th in ToM July 2009 - 1 vote (Glace)
[roa] [cir] [rwl] Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa Ringrada 1933-39 collaboration with Trigger Happy, 15th in ToM July 2009 - 1 vote
[ral] Egahaq collaboration with egamad, 8th in ToM July 2009 - 2 votes
[ral] Zklamání part of TE only competition
[ral] Juec
[ral] Sejinja
[ral] Paseka
[ral] Sever 13th in ToM August 2009 - 2 votes
[ral] [tpk] Offroading 21st in ToM August 2009 - 1 vote (Swamp)
[ral] Neige 13th in ToM August 2009 - 2 votes
[ral] Zasnezena 13th in ToM August 2009 - 2 votes
[ral] Ande 7th in ToM September 2009 - 3 votes
[ral] Cetenov 6th in ToM September 2009 - 4 votes
[ral] Drsna 15th in ToM October 2009 - 1 vote
[cir] Hakulín Ring 7th in ToM October 2009 - 5 votes
[roa] Doksy
[roa] Vselibice :tom: 1st in ToM November 2009 - 9 votes

Not sure about time at all at these :shrug:.
[mic] [ral] Lapland
[mic] [ral] [tpk] Micro Rally Pack
[mic] [ral] Toowouxwu
[cir] Reichenberg 1967'
[cir] Moss Park 1967'
[cir] Flinette 1951'
[cir] Harcov Park
[ral] [roa] !skahaq collaboration with Unclespam (!skareggae)

Below is a list of tracks released on this forum in years 2009-2013, oldest first.

[ral] Cesnek 8th in ToM November 2009 - 4 votes
[cir] Satch Hills 7th in ToM December 2009 - 6 votes
[cir] Chlup 7th in ToM December 2009 - 6 votes
[ral] [tpk] Rally Bohemia
[ral] Zmrazena 11th in ToM January 2010 - 3 votes
[ral] Rallye Canada preview
[ral] Novreg 11th in ToM February 2010 - 4 votes
[ral] Yttos 8th in ToM March 2010 - 6 votes, 21st in ToY 2010
[ral] Quy
[ral] Ededee
[cir] Japko 5h in ToM April 2010 - 7 votes
[ral] [tpk] Rallye Canada 17th in ToM April 2010 - 2 votes (Special Stage 3)
[ral] [tpk] Offroading 2 14th in ToM May 2010 - 2 votes (Craava)
[ral] Troxap 14th in ToM May 2010 - 2 votes
[ral] [tpk] Forgotten Pack 16th in ToM June 2010 - 1 vote (Sorech)
[cir] Bytes part of OTUP 2010, 8th in ToM June 2010 - 3 votes
[cir] Lees 8th in ToM June 2010 - 3 votes
[cir] Rius
[ral] Doopa 11th in ToM June 2010 - 2 votes, 21st in ToY 2010
[ral] [tpk] Forgotten Pack 2
[ral] [tpk] the Best of Haq 19th in ToM July 2010 - 3 votes (Kaporico), 25th in ToM July 2010 - 1 vote (Dett RS), 25th in ToM July 2010 - 1 vote (Libgao)
[cir] Sitheus 4th in ToM July 2010 - 9 votes
[mic] [oth] [stu] S731 13th in ToM August 2010 - 5 votes
[ral] [tpk] Rally South Africa 3rd in PoY 2010
[cir] Eikster 7th in ToM August 2010 - 7 votes
[ral] Hagfors 17th in ToM October 2010 - 2 votes
[ral] Stormac
[cir] Zapadákov 10th in ToM October 2010 - 5 votes
[ral] [tpk] Cyprus Rally 8th in PoY 2010
[cir] Pizmoniak 6th in ToM January 2011 - 11 votes, 19th in ToY 2010
[ral] Krupani 14th in ToM April 2011 - 2 votes
[ral] Solberg 17th in ToM August 2011 - 3 votes
[ral] [tpk] Forgotten Pack 3 17th in ToM August 2011 - 3 votes (Bejkdahlen)
[ral] Quahog 11th in ToM October 2011 - 5 votes
[cir] Kroeberg 3rd in ToM August 2012 - 9 votes
[ral] Toxohu 2 12th in ToM September 2012 - 2 votes
[cir] Tachren part of OTUP 2010, 12th in ToM September 2012 - 2 votes
[cir] Xupong part of OTUP 2010, 17th in ToM September 2012 - 1 vote
[cir] Wigeno part of OTUP 2010, in collaboration with XYY
[ral] Zavej 8th in ToM January 2013 - 5 votes
[cir] Skrognn part of Mini Track Remix 9, 15th in ToM June 2013 - 2 votes
[cir] Tjörn part of Mini Track Remix 8
[ral] [stg] [tpk] 1000 Lakes Rally14 th in ToM January 2014 for SS08 - 1 vote
[cir] Zeft part of 5 minutes (or less) tracks contest
[cir] Enredado made only by TE; 16th in ToM July 2014 - 2 votes
[cir] Nesbrod collaboration with egamad; 5h in ToM September/October 2015 - 4 votes
[ral] [stg] [tpk] Rally Mexico

Joint Effort Projects

[stc] Union Junction bottom left, JEA10

[cir] Tibbar Ring bottom left, JE64
[ral] [stg] [tpk] Swampshot bottom left, JE67, 13th ToM October 10
[cir] Glastonbury top right, JE68, 8th ToM February 11, 19th ToY 2011
[cir] Smontex middle right, JE72, 41st ToY 2012
[cir] Potential top middle, JE73, 41st ToY 2012
[roa] George Ridge top middle, JE76

[tpk] [cir] Joint Effort Tree #01 top left at Juniper and Silverbell
[tpk] [stc] Joint Effort Tree #02 top right + FTs at Starling
[tpk] [ral] Joint Effort Tree #03 bottom right at Biasivie, Burrei, Kanpii and Loelena

[ral] [tpk] Barum Rally stage 9 - Maják, JERP01


[ral] Haq RS
[ral] [cpk] FIA WRC 2007 8th in CoM September/October 2010 - 3 votes
[ral] [cpk] FIA WRC 1999 :com: 1st in CoM September/October 2010 - 6 votes
[gtc] Haqspeed Preadator winner of GTGR Car Design competition
[ral] [cpk] FIA WRC 2010 2nd in CoM November/December 2010 - 2 votes
[cpk] Grand Prix 1935 (750kg formula) 2nd in CoM November/December 2010 - 2 votes
[ral] [cpk] World Rally Championship 2011 4th in CoM May/June 2011 - 3 votes
[ral] [cpk] Rally Legends 5th in CoM September/October 2011 - 2 votes and 4th in CoM January/February 2010 - 6 votes
[ral] [cpk] World Rally Championship 2013 :com: 1st in CoM January/February 2013 - 6 votes



Golden Räbinä
Competition Organizer of the year 2009
Competition Organizer of the year 2010
Both along with Trigger Happy as GRMFED :bg:.

1st in ToM November 2009
3rd in PoY 2010
3rd in ToM August 2012

1st in CoM September/October 2010
2nd in CoM November/December 2010
1st in CoM January/February 2013
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Kikwik »

Specialized particularly on drawn tracks and recently in nano tracks (WS25, the smallest size for GR tracks)


Old tracks, worth to check visually but let's be frank not to race on it

[oth] Bowling - 18th August 2012
A bowling lane in GR with movable road cones as pins and the car as the bowling ball, my very first track.

[oth] Fish ! - 5th September 2012
Fish ! is my first attempt at drawing something to put into the GR world. Meh result, but still original.

[ral] Kiwi Island - 8th September 2012
A rally on a remote island populated by giant kiwis.

[evo] [cir] [tpk] Track Restoration Project : Community - 16th September 2012
The idea of this project was to make players race the track to gain prizes and thanks to those prizes they could upgrade the track little by little by modifying it. Too ambitious, and didn't know how to properly organize an event online, so the idea was abandonned early on, and I left GR and GRIF for a short period. Original layout was by Darjo.

[tpk] [cir] [oth] Sonic Drift 2 Tracks - 18th March 2013 - Updated the 13th September 2019
My first comeback. Tracks from the Game Gear game Sonic Drift 2, playable with kart cars. 17th place in ToM for Desert Road 2 and Mystic Cave / March 2013 / 1 vote each - Placed 10th in PoY 2013.

[ovl] [oth] Humphrey - 1st April 2013
Humphrey was my second attempt to translate drawings into the GR world, and it was quite a success from the community. This track shows my guinea pig taking an unfortunate driver into his teeth while other drivers race on his plate. 15th place in ToM / April 2013 / 1 vote

[ral] [oth] Hungry Sheep - 11th April 2013
Hungry Sheep was my third drawing track, with a sheep literally eating the track, making Hmap quite extreme. Like Humphrey it was well received by the community. 4th place in ToM / April 2013 / 6 votes - 34th place in ToY / 2013 / 1 vote

[ral] [oth] Rohrgar - 15th April 2013
Rohrgar is my fourth drawing track, and while the lmap was carefully made, I felt afterward that I gone too far. I tried at least and I wondered if I can do something else than drawings. 15th place in ToM / April 2013 / 1 vote

[mic] [oth] Ghost Panic - 22th April 2013
Ghost Panic was a micro track in the idea of a survival game ; will you survive for 1 minute being the ghost against the ghost busters ? Inspired by a mini game in the first Rayman and the Raving Rabbits game.

New tracks worth your attention visually and driving-wise, but still matter of taste for some.

[ral] [oth] CKE150 - 10th September 2019 - Revised in the 9th February 2024
My second comeback after a long hiatus, and my fifth drawing track. I'm pretty proud of it. A giant cookie in space, and you race it accompanied by my character Kikwik who's screaming in the dark.

[ral] [oth] [tpk] Xplore pack - 28th September 2019
Wanted to make something totally different, never done before, and made those treasure hunts tracks.

[mic] [oth] [tpk] Nano tracks - 8th February 2020 until 28th of September 2022
Very happy on how it turned out with this trackpack. Making tracks with the most little size in GR is quite a challenge, but it's still possible and enjoyable. Give it a look and have fun with them ! Was inspired by TuomoH's nano tracks. Was surprised by the positive comments it received, glad that I made them.

[mic] [ral] [stu] [tpk] Emerald - 2nd September 2022
My third comeback, to make a micro rally. Had fun playing Mad Dan micro rallies among few others, and wanted to create one as well.

[mic] [oth] Harlequin - 4th January 2023
An artsy micro track inspired from a walk in a park where I've found a mini track for rollers, bikes and so on. Very simple but fun to drive.

[kar] [mic] Aloe Vera - 24th of March 2024
Fictional small karting track for beginners located in Canary Islands. My first "real" circuit.

[rwl] [kar] Albi Kart Challenge - 1st of April 2024
Well I only realized now that it was the 1st of April. :D My first real world track and really proud to how it turned out. Best played with Real karts - Cadet carpack from Karting. Was sometimes tedious to do (damn sunk tires) but worth it. :goodvibes:

Thanks to anyone who commented on my tracks, be negative or positive comments, as it helps me to grow as a track creator.


[lmp] [tru] [oth] Rollcage car : Lothar - 28th March 2013
Wanted so badly to make the Rollcage cars in GR, only was able to create one as it's so difficult to make a car with limited polies and vertices. I applied the advices gaven to me at that time but the driving was completely changed, and I felt it was better before. So I kept it like this. It may not be perfect but I like it this way.

[oth] Kiwi Bird - 16th September 2022
Kiwi birds yay ! As a kiwi bird myself, I felt obliged to create one in GR. Best played in forests offroad, with few worms, fruits and insects to fuel it up.


My Generally Wallpaper - 17th August 2012
A GR wallpaper made by drawing and with Gimp.

GeneRally Database - 28th October 2019
A passion project that I'm the most proud of what I ever made for GR. Seeing all those GR websites crashed one by one, I decided to keep in one place all GR related stuff before it disappear forever. Thanks to many GR members, I was able to retrieve a lot of lost content and was able to make the most complete to date GR Database. It's quite difficult to navigate into, and there's so many, many creations to check it's easily overwhelming, but many tools were created to make it easy enough to download quickly all you want or need.

GeneRally History : Treasure Hunters - A GR webzine - 31th January 2020
An idea I had while working on the GR Database to make a magazine about lost and forgotten tracks, and to discover some authors that we don't particularly know. 7 issues of this magazine were released until abandon of the project.

The Forgotten - Hidden Gems of GR - 5th January 2023
A continuation of what I did with my GR webzine, check out those oldies but goldies !

Palette - Fake GR2 - 27th January 2024
A palette based on the excellent Fake HDR palette from an unknown author. I tried to imitate the beautiful palette of GR2, with darker, more realistics colors, more yellowish sand and darker tarmac. I added a seasons pack with Autumn, Japan Cherry Trees and Winter, and a Weather and Time pack with Rain, Sunset, Night and Morning and a historic palette based on the Fake GR2 palette.

GR Best Of Folder - 12th July 2024
The result of all my work on the GR Database. All the content for GR from the early years until today is condensed, sorted by categories, tweaked and highly customizable into one single folder. Which contains more folders inside :D but there's the best content out there, ready to play.
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