Super TC2000 2014 by Herbal [cpk] [tou] [ser]

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Super TC2000 2014 by Herbal [cpk] [tou] [ser]

Post by Herbal »

Hello guys! Another bunch of empty period, yet another carpack is ready to be released. This time an Argentinian competition, Super Turismo Carretera 2000 will be in the menu. Here in TC2000 there's a surprisingly high interest of factories, as we can find here Toyotas, Chevrolets, Fiats, Peugeots and Renaults. Naturally, factory backed teams like to hire well-known drivers, like Leonel Pernía, Norberto Fontana, Matias Rossi, and do not forget that José Maria Lopez has also won here some titles. Considering these, I could have also included a "satisfaction guaranteed" label to TC2000... :goodvibes:

I guess there's not much else to tell from this pack, other details are the same as previous releases this year. I hope you'll like them!
Super TC2000 2014 by
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Re: Super TC2000 Season 2014 by Herbal [cpk] [tou] [ser]

Post by NicolasP »

Incredible cars Herbal, i have planned make some eye-candies with your cars, you planned that later make a 6 Horas Peruanas all-time cpk
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