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Re: Folks without website

Post by YoNnie »

Tracks by YoNnie (from the oldest to the newest):

[cir] [tpk] [evo] Rockfield 1960 - 2012 - released on 10th September (1960 v.1.0); fully released on 13rd December, 2012
[rwl] [cir] Brands Hatch GP/Indy - released on 16th September, 2012
[rwl] [cir] Nürburgring Südschleife/Betonschleife - released on 1st January, 2012
[cir] Dustland International Circuit - released on 17th Febuary, 2013
[cir] Soemihi Motorpark - released on 28th March, 2013 (first version)/ 31st March, 2013 (second version)
[cir] Bergstrecke - released on 9th April, 2013
[cir] Circuit of Thomas Bata v 2.0 (feat. FRUKIScze) - released on 28 April, 2013
[cir] Circuit Gran Premio Sur de Espana - released on 27th May, 2013
[cir] Sandhill Circuit - released on 23rd June, 2013 (first version)/ 25th June (second version)
[cir] Montgomerry Circuit - released on 3rd August, 2013
[rwl] [cir] Circuit de Montlhery - released on 1st October, 2013
[cir] Sunrise Valley Circuit - released on 4th November, 2013
[rwl] [cir] Zeltweg Airfield - released on 1st January, 2014
[cir] Lentokenttä - released on 19th January, 2014; taken from W.I.P Abandoned Thread from matso_pursi
[cir] Bunbury Motorsports Centre released on 21st February, 2014
[cir] [tpk] KaisenRing released on 3rd May, 2014
[cir][tpk] Bunbury 2018 released on 29th May, 2018
[cir] Montgomerry 2018 released on 10th June, 2018
[cir] Forrest Airfield Circuit released on 9th February, 2019
[cir][roa] Creek Valley Road Course released on 16th February, 2019; taken from W.I.P Abandoned Thread from BBA
[cir][tpk] Juraud - Montesse Circuit released on 18th August, 2019 (yay, It's my birthday!)
[cir] Lake Minnor Circuit released on 23rd December, 2019
[cir] Dustland 2020 released on 22nd April, 2020
[cir] Soemihi 2020 released on 26th August, 2020
[stc][roa] Corse de Vivedo released on 18th May, 2024

Rally Stages (Joint Effort Rally):
[ral] Rally Safari Special Stage 01 - released on 22nd October, 2013
[ral] Rally Safari Special Stage 02 - released on 19th January, 2014

Joint Effort Tracks:
[cir] JEA#18 - Desert Sands Raceway - released on 3rd Febuary, 2013
[roa] JEA#19 - Helsholm - released on 4th March, 2013
[stc] JEA#20 - Enschede - released on 3rd May, 2013
[cir] JEA#21 - Woodend Park - released on 29th July, 2013

Other Tracks
Ovalside for Mini Track Remix - released on 14th July, 2013
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Re: Folks without website

Post by NicolasP »

Tracks by Np2003 :D
All my tracks...

Permanent Circuits
[cir] [rwl] Las Vizcachas '83
[cir] [rwl] Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
[cir] [rwl] Sportsland SUGO
[cir] [rwl] Mine Central Circuit
[cir] [rwl] Autódromo Huachalalume
[cir] [rwl] Martinsville Speedway
Fictional/Video games/TV series
[cir] Grand Valley Speedway
[cir] Trial Mountain Circuit
[stc] Special Stage Route Trackpack
[stc] Special Stage Route 5 (v1.0)
[ral] Sega Rally 1995FOREST
[stc] Grand Canyon
[cir] [oth] Mrs. Puff's Boating School
[ral] [stg] Korea Rally
Airfield/Air Base Circuits
[cir] [rwl] Wunstorf Airfield Circuit
[cir] [rwl] Kumalo Airfield Circuit
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Re: Folks without website

Post by RobertRacer »

My tracks:
Including collaborations (actively or passively over abadoned WIPs) with other trackmakers

[cir] Wolfenring released on 4th April 2014. No :tom: Nomination
[cir] [ovl] [mic] Rireja released on 11th October 2014; in collaboration with egamad, :tom: Oct'14 nominated, 0 votes
[ral] Päijänne released on 28th November 2014; in collaboration with egamad, :tom: Nov'14 nominated, 5 votes; Place 6
[cir] Cahir released on 28th November 2014; in collaboration with BBA, :tom: Nov'14 nominated, 0 votes
[stc] [mic] Nugent released on 17th December 2014; in collaboration with Martyn, :tom: Dec'14 nominated, 3 votes; Place 11
[stc] Panaco (JE81) released on 17th June 2015; in collaboration with the Joint Effort Track Project as Finishing Toucher; :tom: nominated May/Jun'15, 12 votes; Place 1 :winner:

My cars:

Windblitz Motorsports Production Delfin released on 26th April 2015

My misc. Stuff:


German (Deutsch) for Generally 1.2c released on 24th March 2015

GR career successes:

Polish Touring Car (GTC2) champion 2015 (non-GWR)
mpst_2015.png (11.24 KiB) Viewed 9103 times
7 times GWR event winner

GWR Driver of the Month Feb'15
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Re: Folks without website

Post by Szmajli »

My Tracks

[rwl] [tpk] [cir] [ral] Kakucsring ToM August 2012 shared 16th with 2 votes.

[rwl] [tpk] [cir] [ral] Rabocsiring ToM December 2014 shared 2nd with 11 votes

My Cars

[ral] [cpk] FIA Group R4 CoM May/June 2013 6th with 3 votes

[ral] [cpk] FIA Group R5 CoM January/February 2014 shared 1st with 8 votes :com:

[ral] [cpk] FIA Group RRC CoM January/February 2014 shared 5th with 7 votes

[ser] [cpk] [tou] Seat Leon Eurocup 2014 CoM May/June 2014 shared 3rd with 6 votes

[ser] [cpk] [tou] Suzuki Swift Cup Europe 2014 CoM January/February 2015 shared 2nd with 5 votes

[ser] [cpk] [tou] Seat Leon Szuperkupa 2008 CoM January/February 2015 shared 8th with 2 votes

[ser] [cpk] [tou] Copa Tiida 2011 CoM January/February 2015 shared 8th with 2 votes
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My Tracks & Cars
Tracks: Kakucsring, Rabocsiring ([rwl] Rallycross tracks)
Cars: FIA Group R4, FIA Group R5(Car of the Month), FIA Group RRC, Seat Leon Eurocup 2014, Suzuki Swift Cup Europe 2014, Seat Leon Szuperkupa 2008, Copa Tiida 2011

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Re: Folks without website

Post by Harrii »

Rally Dakar Project

My Tracks:

No Track released yet.

My Cars:

Car Category:

1979/1980 Renault R4 4x4 Sinpar

1987/1988 Peugeot 205 T16 Dakar

1992 Mitsubishi Pajero V20 EVO

Truck Category:

1984 DAF 3300 4x4 "Tweekoppig Monster"

1985 DAF 3300 4x4 "The Bull"

1988 DAF 95 TurboTwin II X1

2007 Kamaz 4911 Extreme

2013 Iveco Powerstar "Torpedo"

Next Projects: Bowler Wildcat 200
Sorry for bad english with german style ;-D

Rally Dakar on Generally

Next projects coming soon: Peugeot 2008 DKR(2015), Mini All4Racing, Mitsubishi Racing Lancer, Bowler Wildcat
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Re: Folks without website

Post by XYY »

XYY's Tracks

I figured out that I will very likely not create a website for my GR stuff anymore (in the past I had plans to do this). So I collected all of my works in this post. Tracks are sorted in chronological order, also including some of my old works which can be found only at, and I differed between own and collaborative works and updated original tracks.
The dates refer to the date of release which can be found at the correspondent topic/forum/post.

Own tracks
09.06.2009 Brands Hatch
11.06.2009 Teppale
11.06.2009 Castle Combe
17.06.2009 Car Screen (Raceway)
03.08.2009 Necleppe
14.03.2010 Jotea
26.04.2010 Nashville Superspeedway
03.08.2010 Bomfez
26.11.2010 Flavordi
10.02.2011 Minturkey
01.09.2011 Grace Plains updated 02.09.2011, v1.1
05.11.2011 Calderili :tom: 3rd
16.05.2012 Minza :tom: 3rd
16.08.2012 Queensland Raceway
07.10.2012 Kandinsxyy
07.12.2012 Tubey :tom: 2nd
29.03.2013 Manfeild Autocourse
11.08.2014 Pacific Raceways :tom: 2nd
14.10.2014 deRUkt89.-Z+
30.12.2019 Kyalami Grand Prix
04.05.2020 Nüring
30.09.2020 Yarky Six
13.02.2021 Warwick Farm Raceway
30.01.2022 Meadowdale Raceways


18.12.2009 PGRCT 3 - bottom far-right
19.05.2010 PGRCT 4 - bottom middle
22.05.2010 Cuiltex - bottom-right
02.06.2010 JE64 TibbarRing - top left
13.06.2010 Marlboro Motor Raceway - hmap
14.08.2010 JE65 Lake District - bottom middle
27.09.2010 JE66 Urbandorf - finishing touches
13.10.2010 Roskilde Ring - hmap technically not my track and it's below my standards up to that day... but still it contains my work
30.10.2010 JE67 Swampshot - middle middle
10.12.2010 CTC 02 not sure exactly which parts I made there... :oops:
04.01.2011 PGRCT 5 - top right
13.02.2011 JE68 Glastonbury Hills - middle left
20.04.2011 JE69 GB5 Road - bottom right
24.04.2011 JET 1 Hazel, Holly, Maple, Myrtle - top left
05.05.2011 PGRCT 6 - top middle rally layout
25.07.2011 JE70 Airfield 70
03.08.2011 JET 2 Sparrow, Starling - top left
02.10.2011 Lakeside Park - bottom :tom: 3rd
16.10.2011 JE71 Herbal Hills - middle middle
14.11.2011 PGRCT 7 - bottom middle
31.12.2011 Rivears - bottom and top triangle :tom: 2nd
31.12.2011 JET 3 Biasivie, Burrei, Kanpii, Loelena, Makman, Rohgei, Salhar, Vatari - top right
30.01.2012 JE72 Smontex - bottom right
28.04.2012 JE73 Potential - top right
25.06.2012 PGRCT 8 - bottom middle TE-only
11.11.2012 JE74 Montslater - bottom middle
05.02.2013 JE75 Beefpark - middle middle
16.04.2013 JE76 George Ridge - bottom middle :tom: 1st
03.09.2013 JE77 Steakspeed - middle right
26.11.2013 JE78 Hovus Rally - top left
03.05.2014 JE79 Eco City - middle right :tom: 2nd
04.06.2014 PGRCT 9 - bottom right TE-only
28.07.2014 JET 4 Minette, Oolite, Porphyry, Scoria - top-right
28.05.2020 PGRCT 10 - top right
12.02.2021 JE 82 Liderczej - bottom middle, finishing touches
25.06.2021 PGRCT 11 - bottom left
06.01.2022 JE 83 Ogoodt - top left, finishing touches

Original Track Update Project

30.05.2010 Pargy 2010
11.06.2010 Tusaye 2010
26.06.2010 USA 2010 updated 26.06.2010, v1.1
02.08.2010 Agari 2010
12.12.2010 Germany 2010 :tom: 3rd
31.12.2010 Switzerland 2010
28.03.2012 France 2012 :tom: 3rd
16.09.2012 Japan & Wigeno 2012 Wigeno is based on an abandoned WIP of Dan Hakulín
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