[rwl] [cir] Tor Poznań

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[rwl] [cir] Tor Poznań

Post by OlafK »

Hello there!

It looks like my pack-of-eleven-tracks-that-were-ready-in-2008-but-I-was-too-lazy-to-release-it got lost in the deep darkness of the damaged hard drive ( :( ), but I didn't gave up and here is my most recent creation. One of the polish circuits (we don't have many of them, sadly), and my (almost) first real-world track, the Tor Poznań (or Circuit Poznan, if you want). Drive, rate, comment and enjoy! :)

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Re: [rwl] [cir] Tor Poznań

Post by mintek »

Really good job Olaf :D
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Tor Poznań

Post by JQ77777 »

good and thanks I search in net for this track!
Sorry for my English
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Tor Poznań

Post by Lorenzo »

Good, but Spykee's version is unbeatable :cool2:.
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Tor Poznań

Post by Trigger Happy »

Very good one. 3rd great Poznan. :) (Personally I prefer version by MegadriXxX).

There are few points - mainly the version in zip needs more zoom (contrary version on screenshot) and kerbs are too wide (almost like original formula).

Anyway, I've never seen so great track my you, OlafK. :clap:
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