In-game stats.

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In-game stats.

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Random curiousity, how are your in-game stats? I've been playing it for a looooong while by now, and was just curious how your stats are. (i didn't notice an earlier bunch of posts on this, if there is, please let me know).

Like how many races, championships, that kinda stuff. My stats might not refer all races i've ever done, had to reboot at some point, but that's long ago. And given those numbers...i've been missing a lot of checkpoints i guess. :doh:

My stats:

Championships // Races

Won: 1828 // 14817
2nd: 310 // 4225
3rd: 145 // 3679
4th: 86 // 3644
5th: 80 // 4406
6th: 85 // 9005

Total: 2534 // 39776

Total points: 673519

(i have used various scoring-systems, but mostly F1-style (both 10 for win and 25 for win).

Fastest Laps: 21779

Current bunch of tracks in my folders (of which far most are finished, some are W.I.P.'s).: 2506.

Sometimes i come across a track i haven't raced at in so long, that the track record would be set more than 10 years ago. Recently broke one I set in 2004. :P
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